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y1 - Sherrie Cronin Where did the story take place? The most prominent area is of course the South Pacific. A lot of the descriptions seemed real so I assume the author has either lived or travelled there.
What other books has this author written? This book is apparently part of a series. The book club members and I haven't read the first book but we are looking forward to finishing the 3rd book and hopefully make our way back to the 1st book. Love the cover images for all 3 books.
What did you think about the villains in the story? As with any good story, this story also comes with a few twisted characters. Readers have an idea that it is Zane who will overcome this wickedness but at the same time, Zane is still making up his mind so this is the part where the story gets interesting. Does he become a hero or does he slip back into his shell, forget about the world and carry on with his life?

Disclosure: I received a review copy of this book from the author.